About Us

rtcwall.com is an Indian e-commerce startup website from an urban area near Kolkata, the City of Joy. We as a human being, found ourselves free and safe inside our country as the "wall" of our nation made upon human (i.e. the soldiers) and they make us feel free as they are there "Round The Clock" or "rtc". That's how the name "rtcwall" came from. It’s not just a company that have some products and people do some shopping over here but also to touch the heart of the people. At present time many things are available over online but most of the people still does not have faith and belief on it as the availability of physical location is minimum and nobody is there beside of the people. So the company follows one of a slogan of the nation (i.e. Vocal for Local) so that the people can trust on it. The organization believes on ethics, values, excellence, honesty, cooperation and support because those are the pillar of any strong wall and so we are as "rtcwall".